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La Taqueria (Escondido)

Today I wanted to introduce you to probably my all time favorite Taco Shop that took me 35 years to find. Growing up in Escondido there was a plethora of taco shop options. I had my go to spots for different occasions and depending on what I was craving I had different spots (those specifics for a later post).

It is kind of ironic that this place now occupies a previous taco spot that has one of my favorite breakfast burritos (they've since moved to another spot). It is kind of tradition that on the weekends you go to a taco shop for breakfast. This place has let me venture out of my morning bacon (all bacon - no sausage for me) breakfast burrito. This place has also ruined many other taco shop experiences because they are that good, when you have the same thing somewhere else, it just isn't the same. I recently had this experience with a Surf n' Turf burrito elsewhere.

What's good at La Taqueria? It's probably easier to s…

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So Cal Tacos

I moved to Murrieta back in November of 2015. It wasn't until about a year later that I found out about So Cal Tacos from my co-worker. Luckily and also unfortunate for me it was pretty close. As I walked in I was greeted by the view of a woman making handmade corn tortillas on a flat grill. A couple more steps my eyes lit up with excitement as the a delicious al pastor was mounted on a vertical rotisserie.

As I approached the counter the anticipation mounted as I had just passed 2 very good signs of a great taco shop. I ordered a variety of tacos to test out; cabeza, carne asada, carnitas, and of course the al pastor. I was not disappointed. The fresh corn tortillas were amazing, the al pastor salty and flavorful topped off with a creamy guacamole accompanied with salsa fresca. I have frequented this place many times since and have not been disappointed with the tacos.

In fact, just this evening for dinner my family went to So Cal Tacos for dinner. My…

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